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Alex Sanciangco Founding Artist

In his own words...
I first became interested in percussion around the time of 5th grade after watching Drumline the movie. I know now that the movie wasn't quite what I intended to emulate, but to a young kid who had never seen a marching band before - it was pretty cool.

I hired a teacher and started taking lessons in 6th grade. Within two months, I had my first drum set and within a year of that I had already caused one of our neighbors move. I’m not kidding! They yelled at my mom one day and they moved a few weeks later. Silly neighbors.

I have a lot of good memories from being in band. Going into freshman year of high school, I quickly learned our marching band wasn’t anything like Drumline the movie... It was way better! (I’m a band geek, I know). By the end of my sophomore year, the vortex effect of the band room had fully taken hold: all my friends were in band, and almost all of my lunch and after-school-waiting-for-my-mom-to-pick-me-up times were spent in and around the band room. The majority of my friends were in band, and after the marching season ended I wasn’t sure what to do with my Saturdays.

Both unfortunately and fortunately I had to move states (from Nevada to California) after my sophomore year because of my parents’ work. Luckily my new high school had an amazing band program (with over 200 members)! The school was daunting at first but the band welcomed me with open arms and everything was great after that.

Now in college, I am proud to march with the UCLA drumline in the Rose bowl at every football game. Band is one of my greatest hobbies – my guilty pleasure – and I will always cherish the memories I have made. Besides, being a percussionist is just plain awesome.

Comments from D'Rumpus
Alex has a work ethic such that when he sets out to do something you know he'll do it right. That, plus his positive attitude and friendly demeanor make it a pleasure to work with him. Personally, we think you can hear that same energy in his writing as the music he writes is lively and fun, both to play and listen to.


  • Amador Valley High School 2010-2011 Drumline Section Leader (P)


  • Amador Valley High School Marching Band (P)
  • Amador Valley High School Winter Percussion (P)
  • UCLA Marching Band (P)



Compositions by Alex Sanciangco

D'Rumpus - DON of the Beatz by William Ludington and Alex Sanciangco

DON of the Beatz

by William Ludington and Alex Sanciangco


This is a classic cadence full of crowd-pleasing rhythms and nice, loud parts.

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