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Casey Brohard Founding Artist

In his own words...
At a very young age I was inspired to do a lot of different things. One big discovery that my parents made before I did was that I loved to perform. I played many different instruments starting with piano at the age of 8. Shortly after, I continued on to guitar but it wasnʼt until my family moved to Utah at the age of 11 that I started studying percussion -- quickly being drawn to marching tenors and snare drum.

Through middle school and high school I developed a well rounded set of skills mainly focusing towards the rhythm section in jazz band. Discovering this exciting path I started taking as many music classes as I could at the Crescent School of Music in American Fork, Utah. Studying under educators, studio musicians and audio engineers at Crescent helped me understand the importance of mastering one’s craft.

While performing in DCI during the summers with the Santa Clara Vanguard Cadets, Blue Knights, and Blue Devils, and during the winter with Riverside Community College and the Sacramento Freelancers, I had the tremendous opportunities to learn from passionate educators. People such as Scott Johnson, Micah Brusse, Sean Vega, Murray Gusseck, Ralph Hardimon, John Grant, Michael Heustis and Roger Carter really shaped the musician that I am today.

I constantly try to push the boundaries of music education, performance and composition. Itʼs a gift for me to be able to collaborate with people that have the same passion as I do and to wake up each day and set forth on the things I love and call it my line of work. I am proudly endorsed as an artist by Vic Firth drum sticks and Evans drum heads.

Comments from D'Rumpus
Casey is definitely one of the best snare drummers we have ever met. His ability to create new sounds and try new things with marching percussion is impressive and inspiring. His music is typically complex having mixes of triple and duple feel, beefy rudimental patterns, and a variety of meters. At the same time, when you sit down and play through the music it flows well and is fun to play.


  • Santa Clara Vanguard Cadets 2000 DCI Division II Champions (P)
  • Santa Clara Vanguard Cadets 2000 DCI Division II High Percussion (P)
  • Olympic Ceremonies 2002 (P)
  • Blue Devils 2003 DCI World Class Champion (P)
  • Riverside Community College 2005 WGI Champion (P)
  • DCI I&E 2005 World Class Snare Drum Champion (P)
  • Blue Devils 2005, 2006, Section Leader (P)


  • Lynbrook High School (E)
  • California High School (E)
  • Valley View High School (E)
  • Ayala High School (E)
  • James Logan High School (E)
  • Amador Valley High School (E) (M)
  • Blue Devils "B" (E)
  • Santa Clara Vanguard Cadets (P) (E) (M)
  • Santa Clara Vanguard Winter Percussion (E) (M)
  • Blue Knights (P)
  • Madison Scouts (E)
  • Freelancers Winter Percussion (P) (E)
  • Blue Devils (P)
  • Riverside Community College Winter Percussion (P)
  • Niner Noise(P)
  • Vic Firth Education Team Member (E)
  • Evans (E)



Compositions by Casey Brohard

D'Rumpus - Grevious' Groove by Casey Brohard

Grevious' Groove

by Casey Brohard


This is The Concord Blue Devils' 2005 on-field warm up, meaty, beaty, and choptastic.

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D'Rumpus - Module 8's by Casey Brohard

Module 8's

by Casey Brohard


Take regular 8 on a hand, then make it a challenge by adding some duple/triple feel and a complex accent bar or two. You now have Module 8's!

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D'Rumpus - The Dids by Casey Brohard

The Dids

by Casey Brohard


The Dids is a duple/triple diddles exercise that morphs speeds as you go, without tempo changes!

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D'Rumpus - Collected by Casey Brohard


by Casey Brohard


Casey won the DCI 2005 World Class I&Es with this solo!

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