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Daniel Recoder Founding Artist

In his own words...
At the early age of 11 my parents forced me to choose an instrument to play in my middle school music class. Against my will I agreed and off to class I went, determined to fulfill my parents’ requirements by playing for a year, no more, no less. Obviously, had I succeeded at my sinister plan I wouldn’t be writing this right now! As it turned out, my parents (thankfully!) led me toward a life-changing path. In that 6th grade middle school class I quickly excelled and was soon ranked at the top spot! That set the tone for the next several years…

Onward to James Logan High School in Union City, California, at this point I was a 5’4” freshman and what did I choose to play? Quads. People couldn’t get over seeing a little guy like me playing those huge drums. In fact, they would frequently ask me why I chose to play them, my response being, “Well, I actually picked it to try and one up my friend. Throughout middle school there was a constant competition to see who was better, and he always mentioned wanting to play quads in high school. So, I accepted the challenge but he ended up not doing percussion in high school… so I guess I won?”

Believe it or not, my first instrument of choice was actually mallet percussion, followed by snare, but after one rehearsal with quads I knew that was the place for me. That said, my interest in many percussion instruments complements my belief of being a well rounded percussionist rather than just a drumline person and can be seen in my writing style. To better develop both my writing and performing I am currently studying Percussion Performance at San Jose State University under Galen Lemmon and look forward to developing my percussion career even further throughout the next many years. I have a goal, see… I want to write the entire percussion book for a DCI top 12 world class corps. Keep an eye for that day, you never know when opportunity will strike!

Comments from D'Rumpus
Daniel has an amazing passion for percussion; it's like burning embers deep within that fuel not only his percussive ability but his driving work ethic -- both of which propel him to new heights. You can witness this through his performances and his writing.


  • Best Percussionist Freshman-Senior year of High School (P)
  • James Logan High School 2004-2010 WBA "AAAAA" Gold Medal (P) (E)
  • Blue Devils "B" 2009 Percussion Rookie of the Year (P)
  • Blue Devils "B" 2010 Best Section (P)
  • Blue Devils "B" 2011 Percussion Most Valuable (P)
  • Blue Devils "B" 2009, 2010, and 2011 DCI Open Class Champions (P)
  • Blue Devils "B" 2009, 2010, and 2011 DCI High Percussion award (P)
  • DCI 2009 World Class I&E Multi-Tenor 4th Place (P)
  • DCI 2010 Open Class I&E Multi-Tenor 2nd Place (P)
  • DCI 2011 Open Class I&E Multi-Tenor Champion (P)


  • James Logan High School (P) (E)
  • Blue Devils "B" (P)
  • Bluecoats (P) (E)
  • Sacramento Freelancers (P)
  • Niner Noise (P)
  • Warrior's Aftershock (P)
  • Mt. Eden High School (E)
  • Cupertino High School (E)
  • Leigh High School (E)



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