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James Walker

I've always loved music, even as a small child I had a Bach CD that I frequently asked my parents to play while we were driving around in the car. That led to piano lessons as a child and I enjoyed playing several pieces which in turn sparked my interest in music. In fact, in addition to those pieces I gravitated to, I also really liked sitting at the piano dabbling around until I found something that just sounded cool.

In fifth grade I started playing percussion in my elementary school concert band. After finishing elementary school I continued taking band class in middle school, and then again in high school. I went to Amador Valley High school where I participated in marching band, concert band, and Winter Percussion. This is when music really became a passion for me.

In college I initially put music on the back burner and took a few music classes with the intent of a minor in music so I could still keep music in my life while exploring other professions. But an interesting thing happened; the more classes I took the more I realized that music is what I really wanted to do more than anything.

From there I started writing percussion music, mostly because that what I know, but I'm continuing to hone my craft, expanding and writing for more complex mediums. In the future I plan to keep writing, particularly writing for movie or game soundtracks -- my dream is to work for Blizzard Entertainment. I literally had a dream where I was writing music for them, and then to my surprise, I found I was extremely disappointed when I woke up; I knew from that moment on that was what I wanted.

I always have music running through my head and I'm looking forward to sharing it with you!

Comments from D'Rumpus
James is excited! And we really like that about him. Sometimes you just have to go out there and do what you love to do and James is an inspiration in that regard. He's a very hard worker and committed to doing things to the best of his ability. Because he cares so much about music we know his productions will always be excellent, and we're happy to bring his music to you!


  • Amador Valley High School 2011 NCPA PSO Champions (P)
  • Amador Valley High School 2012 CCGC PSO Champions (P)
  • Amador Valley High School 2012 NCPA PSO Champions (P)
  • Amador Valley High School 2012 Fiesta Bowl Parade Class A Champions (P)
  • Amador Valley High School 2012 Fiesta Bowl Field Show Championships High Percussion (P)
  • Amador Valley High School 2013 NCPA PSO Champions (P)


  • Amador Valley High School Concert Band (P)
  • Amador Valley High School Marching Band (P)
  • Amador Valley High School Winter Percussion (P)
  • Las Positas Community College Music Program



Compositions by James Walker

D'Rumpus - The Storm Breaks by James Walker

The Storm Breaks

by James Walker


The Storm Breaks is an expressive, and pretty wicked, bass ensemble/solo!

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